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Theresa Heldt

CEO Theresa Heldt is a strategist with more than 30 years in the corporate world and a clairvoyant view of what's to come. Her insight and business savvy have revitalized scores of companies by helping them develop a people forward culture that maximizes their potential and sets them up for future growth.

Theresa is a Master Facilitator of the consultative process who digs deep to uncover client differentiators that then become the foundation to build a solid strategy. What's her differentiator? It's all about co-creation—her unique, collaborative development method that reveals new ways of thinking by sharing perspectives and collaborating, all designed to untangle, simplify, and create more efficiency.
She has an approachable, down-to-earth manner that helps clients create a simple, sustainable plan to move forward and get their desired results. It's what keeps her at the top of her game, and her clients at the top of theirs.

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